LEGIT Farmicrop great lifetime shares 1000 total $15 nexy 3 days, then $20


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Farmicrop is the perfect project for you! Become a shareholder and earn daily profits while supporting a growing venture. Moreover, at Farmicrop, we are constantly evolving and adding new features, such as battles where you can use the products you produce or purchase as ammunition to fight against other users. We are focused on growing the project and increasing the value of the products produced by our users. Join us and be part of the exciting evolution of Farmicrop!​

Why invest in Farmicrop?​

  • Shares never expire, you will own your shares for life.
  • No need to log in to the site every day to receive share earnings.
  • There is no minimum or maximum daily earnings, as earnings depend on site sales.
  • We automatically distribute 10% of daily sales among all shares every 24 hours.
  • The percentage displayed on your shareholder panel refers to the percentage you own of the share pool.
  • You will receive your initial earnings within a maximum of 24 hours after purchasing shares.
  • You will receive earnings from your shares once every 24 hours directly in your withdrawal balance.
  • You can withdraw your share earnings without limitations using your preferred payment method.
  • As a shareholder, you will be informed in advance of any updates or important changes to the project and will be consulted on them.
  • The money raised from shares is used to promote the project, which increases site income.

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